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My Story

Hey 😃

So if you’re reading this, then you’ve more than likely seen Nottingham Bierkeller’s post about my weight loss challenge! If not here’s the back story - After battling anxiety and depression for 2 years and gaining a serious amount of weight, that has seriously put my health at risk, Nottingham Bierkeller challenged me, for every stone of weight I lose, they will donate £300 to Gem Radios Cash For Kids!

We’ve been inundated with people offering to donate too :) so we’ve set this page up allowing you to donate if so wish!

I’d like to thank you for your support and hopefully we can raise a serious amount of cash for this great cause 😃 !

After hearing my story, Personal Trainer Angela Silver got in touch and offered her services to help me reach my goal and raise some serious cash for this great cause. Angela is volunteering her time outside of her busy work and training life, she’s da real MVP !

Thanks for the support and please give us a follow on Instagram @projectsmithy !

Thank you,
Smithy & Silva

Updates and Donations

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Nottingham Bierkeller's profile pic


10 Oct 2019 / 11:49pm

£20 + £5 gift aid

So proud of you mate. Everyone is cheering you on so keep it up!

Mr Sam Connelly
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10 Oct 2019 / 10:33pm


Mate your smashing it serious keep up the good work smithy

Mr David Johnson
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2 Oct 2019 / 6:47pm

Just to update you all - I’ve lost 2.5 Stone in 5 weeks! Nottingham Bierkeller will be donating £600 shortly!

Please donate, anything you possibly can.

Nottingham Bierkeller
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Nottingham Bierkeller's profile pic


1 Sep 2019 / 10:37pm

£10 + £2.50 gift aid

Last time I sponsored you Smithy was in Tunisia when I paid to rip a wax strip off your chest 😂😂😂😂, but again it was all going to a good cause for kids. Well done big man

Mr Shades Specs
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