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My Story

Hi there, welcome to our fundraising page… make yourself at home :-)

Have a look below; you can see updates about our fundraising, how it’s all going and hopefully some messages from other sponsors too.

We are raising money to support Cash for Kids so they can make a real difference to the lives of local children and young people this Christmas.

Our drivers will be wearing Christmas Jumpers on Friday 10th December and we want our passengers to join in! Donations can be made at the front of the bus and the best jumper gets a cash prize of £100! All you need to do is make a donation and get a picture with one of our drivers and post on social media (facebook/twitter) and tag us in! Winner will be announced on Monday 13th December.

Everything raised in our area stays in our area, with a focus on alleviating poverty and improving quality of life. Any amount you care to give is very much appreciated. After you sponsor me, it would be great if you could leave a photo or video support message too!

Updates and Donations

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15 Dec 2021 / 10:09am


From all the passengers who donated to on bus collection tins

McColl's Travel On Bus Passenger Collection
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10 Dec 2021 / 6:31pm

£100 + £25 gift aid

All of our staff made a great effort today, had fun and raised money for charity. Could not be prouder!

Mr Liam McColl
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10 Dec 2021 / 4:56pm

£20 + £5 gift aid

Brilliant idea for fundraising - nice for the drivers to have some fun too! Well done!!

Mrs Tracey Currie
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