Cash for Kids Day Grants 2022 - National Brands Application

You are applying to the Cash for Kids Day Grants 2022 - National Brands Cash for Kids Appeal. If this is not your local Cash for Kids, please check here to find your nearest Cash for Kids and apply to them.

You can view the Eligibility Criteria and Terms and Conditions here.

The 2022 Cash for Kids Day fund is only for children who have a genuine need for support and are suffering from disadvantage due to poverty, ongoing impact of the pandemic or increase in the cost of living.  

We encourage applications from a wide range of service providers who support vulnerable children. This will include representatives from social services, schools, health professionals and charities that have governance documentation in place (including a constitution and a safeguarding policy). 

 Applications must be made by a service providing organisation and not directly from the person/s responsible for the children (i.e., parents or guardians.) 

The service provider must be capable of assessing need, supervising the grant to ensure it is fully spent to meet the needs of the child / young person?and commit to providing a sample case study and feedback about the children supported and impact of the grant within six months.  

We put our trust in the service provider to ensure we reach the families who need it the most. We ask that you ensure the children you are applying for have NOT already been referred to the fund for support by any other referral source.  

All evidence relating to the application process and distribution of grants must be kept for audit purposes and must be uploaded following approval of your application. This evidence may take the form of a bank statement showing purchases made or copies of receipts. Cash for Kids will audit a sample of service providers within two years and this information must be provided. Information must be held on file for six years by organisations.

Documentation required for upload: 

1. Bank statement and/or paying in slip for the account funds are to be paid in to (matching the details on application). 

2. Community Groups/Organisations – copy of constitution or formal governance documentation. 

3. A letter on headed paper from a senior member of your organisation to confirm your eligibility to apply for a grant on behalf of the families you support. 

4. Copy of your most recent audited accounts. 

Applications without the correct documentation uploaded will not be considered.